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Projects in Limbo
I was too cheap to buy a fancy training simulator. So I made one. Also known as "The Doomed Project."

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Using the power of the future... on the past.



MSDOS/Win9x: DJGPP/MinGW & Allegro
DPMI server required - I recommend CWSDPMI.
Name Size Description Pics
BioHavoc Demo 1 1mb Top down action game involving a pickup truck and biomechanoid baddies. This is the first act (of six). Shares the fate of many independent projects, interest dropped halfway through. KB/mouse, VGA, full sound and music. pic pic pic
Orbitron 2.2mb Space arcade game. 5 stages, shoot circling enemies as well as incoming shots. Includes native DOS and Win9x versions. Kb only, vga, sfx & mod mus pic

MSDOS: Quickbasic 4.5
I hope you like antiquing. These are vintage.
DosBox note: If the mouse cursor disappears, increase cycles to ~7k.*
Name Size Description Pics
Death Vision 1.3mb Loosely inspired by Laser Mech, battle giant robots turn by turn blowing off limbs until you find the CPU. VGA, mouse, PC Speaker music/sound pic
CommChess 200kb Modem to modem (or hotseat) chess game, featuring avatars and realtime chat. Experience the thrill of dueling mouse cursors...? VGA, mouse. pic
CommCheckers 200kb Modem to modem (or hotseat) checkers game. Very similar to the above, slightly tweaked. VGA, mouse. pic
DoomTXT 33kb Utility to parse a list of Doom pwad txt files for essential info (replaced content, play modes) and output to an ASCII or HTML file.
Dshell 200kb
Mouse driven GUI batch menu running in mode 13h. Notable features include running Windows 3.x programs directly from DOS (win.ini tweak)
* The timer and update routines I wrote at the time were very system specific (IE my system) and do not work particularly well on other configurations. Ah, life's lessons...

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